Architectural Consistency Committee – a new sector created by the Abu Dhabi Municipality to review and approve the facades of Abu Dhabi buildings, to maintain the architectural identity of the city in order to arrive at the Emirates Vision of becoming a uniquely beautiful city and encourage visually appealing building designs.

It’s commonly known that the definition of beauty differs largely, and the measuring of beauty itself is subjective, so Architectural Consistency Committee had to refer to the general principles of architectural aesthetics.

The main measuring principles are unity, rhythm, harmony, proportions and contrast.

1. The building facades design must be pleasant to the eye, especially the facades facing roads.

2. The building should fit the surrounding aesthetics in terms of colors.

3. In commercial buildings, when there is a prominence of 1.5 m out of the plot limits, at least 30% of it should be terraces.

4. Landscaping the area between the building and the road is now allowed for locals, consultants and developers, In order to achieve the sustainable urban and architectural vision of Abu Dhabi and to lower the heat transfer which will directly lower the energy consumption.

5. Paying attention to the fence design and how it will fit with the building and its surroundings is a must.

6. Roof gardens and planting surfaces can reduce the surfaces’ temperature and the amount of pollution in the air, beside its aesthetic value.

7. The urban, environmental and cultural context -of the area specifically and Abu Dhabi in General- should be considered when designing a building, so that it doesn’t appear as an alienated subject.

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