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In the UAE, all businesses are required to implement all necessary safety management measures in order to maintain sanitation and minimize crowding within their office or building premises. It is challenging to keep operations going while minimizing the risk to employees. So, how can we put safety first? The health and safety of the workforce should be management’s top priority as it considers how to bring operations back to some semblance of normal. At Close [...]
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Architecture and Interior Design | Engineering Services | Building Information Modeling (BIM) | Sustainability | Planning and Consulting | Supervision and Project Management | Architect of Records and Permitting | Infrastructure | HSE Professionals Outsourcing and Consultancy | Survey Engineer Consultant COVID-19: IMPACT ON ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION SECTORS Businesses all over the world were disrupted early this year due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Lockdown was imposed on the affected areas in more than 200 countries. The multiple consequences of the lockdown, further stretch the troubles for the sector like reverse migration, disruption of supply chains, [...]
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Traits to Consider When Choosing …

Traits to Consider When Choosing Architecture & Engineering Consultants It takes a village to successfully plan and execute a building, a house or any architectural feat. For something as big as a construction project, it is inevitable to seek the counsel of others. These days, there has been an influx of engineering and architecture consultants in the market. However, hiring the wrong people can cost you a lot of money and set your project back [...]
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2019 Office Design Trends to Boost Productivity &Performance

Office design trends constantly evolve every year and 2019 is no exception. The new year promises to usher in a new set of office interiors designed to provide substantial improvement for every kind of company. Why Office Design Matters Office design is not just about the aesthetic. Investing in a strategic and visually pleasing office space can provide various benefits. Studies show that a well-designed office space has a direct impact on employee performance and [...]
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