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The United Arab Emirates experience hot summers which impose a need for air conditioning in order to achieve and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Air conditioning has traditionally been provided to buildings by electrically powered air conditioning units however, this equipment can have a high power demand. The UAE Government across the 7 emirates are exploring alternative more energy efficient cooling solutions. District Cooling System (DCS) distributes thermal energy in the form of chilled water
Leading efforts by the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme Sustainable development has become a priority in the agendas of nations around the world.The UAE has been at the forefront of this trend. UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda focuses on improving the quality of air, preserving water resources, increasing the contribution of clean energy and implementing green growth plans, this is the to ensure sustainable development while preserving the environment, and to achieve a perfect balance between
In the UAE, all businesses are required to implement all necessary safety management measures in order to maintain sanitation and minimize crowding within their office or building premises. It is challenging to keep operations going while minimizing the risk to employees. So, how can we put safety first? The health and safety of the workforce should be management’s top priority as it considers how to bring operations back to some semblance of normal. At Close
Architecture and Interior Design | Engineering Services | Building Information Modeling (BIM) | Sustainability | Planning and Consulting | Supervision and Project Management | Architect of Records and Permitting | Infrastructure | HSE Professionals Outsourcing and Consultancy | Survey Engineer Consultant COVID-19: IMPACT ON ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION SECTORS Businesses all over the world were disrupted early this year due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Lockdown was imposed on the affected areas in more than 200 countries. The multiple consequences of the lockdown, further stretch the troubles for the sector like reverse migration, disruption of supply chains,

April 14, 2020

A Message to Our Clients…

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A Message to Our Clients and Partners during Covid-19 Outbreak To our valued clients and partners, Firstly, I hope you and your families are safe and well. The last few weeks have been unprecedented for all of us. Close System is closely monitoring developments and tracking information regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We are taking proactive measures to support the health and welfare of our clients, employees and the communities where we operate and serve. It