Why BIM?

Why BIM?

Leveraging BIM or Building Information Modeling’s capabilities requires experts to be hands-on with the software’s data and inner workings. Designing and building is a complex process that needs a tremendous amount of collaboration, dedication, and hard work. But, why BIM?

Here are some reasons…

  1. BIM is Green – Using BIM efficiently decreases the cost and saves energy. It reduces the waste of materials during construction and building management and eventually assists in sustainable demolition.
  2. “I” stands for information – Perfectly rendered images may impress your clients but the embedded information within the building model is what really is integral.
  3. Easy comparison of different design options is very accurate that leads to enhanced performance and optimized solutions.
  4. Giving a clear idea about the design at an early stage. Design intent can be visualized allowing owners to achieve the desired outcomes.
  5. Saves time and faster project delivery. Clarity at an early phase of design development will eliminate delays and risks.
  6. Collaboration among man and the machine. The BIM model is designed as a communication tool with the contractor and subcontractors to coordinate the project on site.





Close System has now an in-house Experts who will work with you to develop a customized plan that will maximize the benefits of BIM (Building Information Modelling) on your next project.

Your project may not require the total BIM Management but would like to outsource a portion of the BIM Process, we offer a broad range of BIM services.We are determined to explore excellence through advancement in BIM technology through to construction and facilities and building lifecycle management in the following key areas:

BIM tools are effective and powerful but complex and developed for AEC firms.It is a key technology, which can be used to improve productivity and level of integration across various disciplines in the entire design and construction value chain.