How can we get a preliminary picture of how well the provider will fit the project we are working on?

Standard requirements on an Architecture and Engineering (A&E) RFP are capabilities, experience, and background. Moreover, quality control measures, identification of management complaint resolution procedures, and project personnel form the core items most RFPs require from prospective providers.

But sometimes, despite the careful RFP process, the preliminary picture misled that results to change request, design and construction problems, delays that are costing the project too much. How can we avoid these?

Here are 6 six criteria on the request can significantly reduce the likelihood of problems and help ensure a smoothly executed project.

1. Cross-disciplinary capability

A provider with in-house expertise in multiple related disciplines brings significant advantages. An architecture firm that understands mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems and also knowledgeable on the construction market can make significant and practical architectural decisions that reduce costs and ensure a higher quality result.

2. Expertise in Regulatory Compliance

AEC projects will not only have construction and design concerns. In the UAE, every project brings regulatory concerns such as building codes, municipality regulations, health and safety, environmental (Estidama or UPC) to historic districts. A provider with regulatory compliance expertise can guide the project’s smooth process.

3. Team longevity

Continuous leadership within the provider’s teams matters. Every time one of your providers experiences staff turn-over, your project can become delayed while the new team gets up to speed. And the larger the project, the more we need to consider this. The provider must have a solid history of seeing projects through to completion with minimal staff and leadership turnover.

4. Continues Education Commitment

Industries of architecture and engineering evolve constantly while maintaining their principles. There are new technologies, materials change, regulatory environment, and much more updates regularly. Providers with a commitment to ongoing education and training for their team will be better positioned to ensure your project is completed in the most up-to-date, cost-effective, compliant, and safe manner.

5. Single point of contact

Ensuring that the provider will be with you through the entire project, they must provide a single point of contact who has experience and expertise you seek, after all, business relationship longevity with our provider matters.

6. Successful project completions

Past successful deliveries of our provider does not guarantee future project success, but we still consider that great indicator of future success is the past performance.  Thus, asking for proof and evidence of timely and on budget project completion help ensure that you hire a provider who can meet the project needs and will not cause any delays.

Including these six criteria on your next Architecture and Engineering RFP will certainly improve the selection process. This will also help the provider to prepare on their next submissions.

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