Company Workshop

Company Workshop

Insights and Highlights from Close System Workshop

March 24, 2018 – our company had a core team workshop held at the City Seasons Al Hamra Hotel. In the 5 hour session, the aim was to develop and sustain high-performance team leaders, have a clear role responsibility and expectation and define our company’s corporate strategy including its core competencies.


Exploring our team’s interplay of character strengths can help to create synergy, as well as a positive work environment, which can lead to higher performing teams and greater employee engagement. From the recent workshop, highlights were when everybody has collaborated in interdepartmental marketing initiatives, responsibilities alignment, peer review, and company strategic planning.

Close System leaders know that strategy is important and, especially, that operations strategy is critical to an organization’s success. Operations strategy allows our company to a better position in the marketplace by focusing on competitive priorities. These “priorities” include and not limited to cost, quality, delivery, and flexibility.





Guillermo del Mar is both Licensed Mechanical Engineer and Licensed Master Plumber, he has experience in the Middle East and in the Philippines. His 13 years of extensive exposure in the industry had given him the opportunity to work in both large and small firms, on projects ranging from industrial, commercial, corporate, and residential. Close System warmly welcomes Guillermo as the new Senior Mechanical Engineer and Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA).



We’re shifting our office! As our company grows, we make sure that our people have a better and comfortable working space. We believe that the office environment is key to productivity and raising productivity levels is essential to deliver better performance to accomplish tasks and projects. Although many people may consider that an office is a simple space where we perform certain tasks, there are many factors influencing the optimal performance of this area. We will feature this issue in our coming newsletter.



ERP implementation in our company has just started and the development has been interesting. There are a lot of benefits in this ERP solution such as streamlining operations, managing key business functions, increasing productivity and growing profitability—just to name a few. Our next month’s newsletter will feature our whole experience in using the ERP solutions.

Close System is one of the fastest growing Architecture Consultancy in Abu Dhabi, the tremendous development of the company leads to achieving milestones from the beginning of the first quarter of the year. One way of keeping our stakeholders updated about our business successes is our newsletter issues. We can’t wait to share more.