Corporate Social & Responsibility

Corporate Social & Responsibility

Introduction of CSR in Close System

Driven by our company vision of positively give impact for the life of the future generations, we believe that a dense commitment to corporate social responsibility strengthens our business, our team and the communities where we serve and operate. In all of our activities, Close System seeks to benefit the community with long-term industry development, environmental and social advancement.

At Close System, we believe that we can make a positive impact on communities and improve lives. Our Corporate Social Responsibility framework reflects our values with three focus areas of People, Community, and Environment & Sustainability.


Close System is a trusted firm in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction industry that develops & implements solutions to create a better life for our team, clients and community, keeping in mind the needs of the future generation. We use our knowledge and expertise in Architecture and Engineering to give sustainable solutions to improve life of people by motivating them to increase the level of awareness in term of sustainable and environmental design and practices.


Our vision is to grow our venture world wide, to positively impact the life of the future generation.​​


Green Environment

One of the company’s top CSR activity is interrelated with our core service – Estidama. The purpose of Estidama is to create a new sustainability framework that will direct our current course while allowing adaptation as new understanding evolves. By promoting a new sense of responsibility with Estidama, our company along with the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities is going beyond other sustainable development initiatives.

Sustainability Awareness

As a firm believer of giving back to the community and commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices. It is our responsibility to raise this awareness not just to our employees and stakeholders but also to our community starting with educational institutions. Now, we work closely with tertiary education institutions to conduct workshops in raising sustainability awareness.


Community Involvement

Our company takes pride in supporting efforts to better communities. Both as individuals and as a company and not just financially, but also with our time. Whether it’s providing basic needs, beautifying a public place or leading enriching activities, we are passionate about being engaged. Our dedicated CSR department is continuously in communication with several supporting bodies for these initiatives. May it be, tree planting, blood donation, goods donation, and certain activities for a cause.

Employee Wellness and Workplace

Healthy employees are the backbone of sustainable employment and productivity and as a firm doing Architecture and Engineering services, we understand that there are environmental and social risks in the businesses we support, which is why we have strong procedures to identify and reduce potential negative impacts hence maintaining our team’s wellness.