District Cooling Design Consultancy

District Cooling Design Consultancy

The United Arab Emirates experience hot summers which impose a need for air conditioning in order to achieve and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Air conditioning has traditionally been provided to buildings by electrically powered air conditioning units however, this equipment can have a high power demand.

The UAE Government across the 7 emirates are exploring alternative more energy efficient cooling solutions.

District Cooling System (DCS) distributes thermal energy in the form of chilled water or other media from a central source to multiple buildings through a network of underground pipes for use in space and process cooling. The cooling or heat rejection is usually provided from a central cooling plant, thus eliminating the need for separate systems in individual buildings.

At Close System, aside from architectural and engineering services we also provide consultancy for district cooling design services as follows;
• Designing of the Mechanical and Electrical plant and systems
• Designing of the Architectural and Structural
• Coordination and provision of required systems as per ADDC requirements
• Coordination and interfacing with the District Cooling piping network
• Stress analysis of the condenser and chilled water piping systems
• Controls and Plant automation

A DCS consists of three primary components: the central plant, the distribution network and the consumer system.

The rising of infrastructural spending across the Gulf countries along with rapidly expanding population will boost the demand for district cooling solutions. Rapid rising of the temperature over the years and the proven viability of DC plants to reduce the energy consumption will propel the UAE region.