High Performing Workplaces

High Performing Workplaces

High Performing Workplaces

An office is where people in an organization go every day and work for at least 48 hours per week, spend the day sitting, typing and interacting with colleagues – this is the traditional one. BUT, offices nowadays are fulfilling different needs and focus. It has to be uniquely suitable for your business type and more important now than ever – it should increase productivity and offer flexibility, in short – offices now should be a high performing workplaces.

What should you consider in setting up an office interior and what are the factors that would turn it into a high performing work spaces?

First, it should represent your brand and your company’s culture. Whatever industry you’re in, it is important that your brand reflects to your office interiors. Are you into a minimalist culture or sustainable one? Time to consider it now.

Color, light and space – different colors and light levels have different psychological effects these can also enhance your performance. Study shows that exposure to both blue and green has been shown to enhance performance on tasks that require generating new ideas. This is one instance, you can still discover more.


Individual and collaboratively focused – the majority of employees will need time to conduct individually focused work and for achieving a team’s success, a collaborative environment is a necessity. A clever move is to build a workspace that provides a flexible and variety of places, spaces, and postures so people can move.

Natural landscape – preferably a window and don’t forget the plants. Yes, plants!


Whether you’re expanding your current office or planning to move your business to a new location, you’ll need an interior designer that can give you professional assessment and budget transparencies to achieve your high performing workspaces.

The balance of organized workflow and team morale lies in the functionality and appearance of the workspace, which is why it’s so important to enlist the help of a professional interior design company.

If you want to carry out maintenance work, modification or structural changes on an existing building, you first need to obtain the relevant permit. Since Abu Dhabi is growing at a tremendous pace, a streamlined system that prioritizes universal accessibility, sustainability and fire safety in buildings is a must.