Jari Dondiego

Jari Dondiego

Jari is taking on the role of Business Development & Markting Manager in Close System. She holds a degree in Bachelors of Arts in Communication and recetly completed Digital Marketing expertise. She has an extensive experience and Corporate Marketing, Advertising and Event Management. Continually challenged by her function, she also communicates the world about Close System through her Marketing initiatives. Her day to day role involves creating timely, tailored proposals that exceed clients’ requirements, ensuring that there is no question in their mind that Close System is the best partner for their project. She manages all vital aspects of company’s branding and profile.

Jari’s passion for constant innovation and trialing helps her explore new channels in marketing for Close System’s growth and improvement.

Jari brings the following particular expertise:

• Research and Development
• Business Contract correspondence
• Marketing initiative and content
• Promotional materials and company profile
• Quality Assurance systems and practices