Mahmoud Sallal

Mahmoud Sallal

Mahmoud heads the Design Department at Close System. He holds Bachelors of Science in Architecture & Spatial Planning and MBA in Project Management at the University of Science and Technology, Sudan.
With his more than 11 years of experience in professions of Designing & Redesigning, Renovation, Design management, Projects coordination & Projects management, and Site supervision Mahmoud has honed his skills in delivering the beauty and clarity of an initial concept through to execution on site.

His works involves Villas, office buildings & Bank building, mixed-use developments, Shopping centers & Malls, Hospitals, Museums, Showrooms & Exhibition Stands, Petrol Stations, Industrial buildings & Workshops, Labors Accommodations buildings, Golf course, Dairy Farms & Fish Farms, Public Landscape & Landmarks projects, such made him a professional in different Design Software and preparation of design documents. His skills range across Concept and Developed Design, Design oversight throughout detail development.

Mahmoud brings the following particular expertise:

• BIM Design
• Concept design
• Developed Design
• Interior and Furniture Design
• Proven ability in managing stakeholder relationships
• Interdisciplinary consultant coordination and documentation
• Demonstrated success and experience in project design and relationship management