Sustainability and Environmental…

Sustainability and Environmental…

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness Workshop Series at Al Khawarizmi International College

February, 2019, another Environmental and Sustainability workshop was conducted and attended by the students of Al Khawarizmi International College at the Main Branch Al Bahia, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Al Khawarizmi International College is the first higher education institution in the UAE to be accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. KIC is active in participation in Sustainability initiatives, recently their students witnessed the start of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2019.

The workshop, held by the Corporate Social Responsibility Department of Close System Architecture headed by the company’s General Manager, an Architect, MBA, a Pearl Qualified Professional and LEED Green Associate, Mr. Salim Saleem. He taught students about environmental stressors, their impact on the community and the school environment.

The workshop aims to promote Environmental and Sustainable Practices across the curriculum approaches to Education, to develop deep knowledge on Environmental and Sustainable practices implementation and to build awareness on sustainability and environmental best practices, indicators, possible targets that will align Abu Dhabi University better in the Abu Dhabi Plan 2030.

Raising Sustainability and Environmental awareness by workshop like this brings students and faculty the key to transform our society and have a better future. This initiative is part of the company’s mission and vision to our society and our environment, we aim to have a more sustainable behavior can help change the world.

As a comprehensive consulting architecture and engineering company, Close System as a company with a team of sustainable specialists behind it has an important role to play in addressing various needs and challenges of community, such as building sustainable solutions and aligning all our works with it. Raising awareness that starts from educational institutions is a beneficial initiative to achieve long term sustainable success.

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